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Report from the NERG Meeting Thursday 10th May 2018 8:00pm - Now I have my amateur licence what do I do next?

This went well with lots of questions and suggestions from members. Greg Mentioned a trapped dipole for 40 and 80M and the details of this will be published shortly.  Many thanks to Chris VK3AWG and Greg VK3VT for an informative and stimulating discussion.


QSLing Talk details


At the February meeting of the NERG there was a talk from Greg VK3VT on QSLing. A pdf of the presentaion slides from the meeting can found HERE and the "Preferred Prefix List" for the outwards QSL Burea is HERE.  If you would like the NERG to be your collection point for physical QSL cards please fill in this form and post it to VK3 Inwards QSL Bureau, 40G Victory Blvde, Ashburton, VIC 3147.

Valve Bank

The Valve Bank is a collection of valves that the NERG has come across or had donated.  They have been checked by our  volunteer team of testers and are listed in the PDF file.

If you need one of these valves please contact us at valves (at) nerg . asn . au  (remove the spaces) There will be a charge for non members and postage, or valves can be collected at a NERG Meeting.

Click Here for the list

List updated 27 May 2016


Welecome to the new nerg site, the old site holds most of our information at the moment and is being updated regularly;  please click HERE for the old site.  We will be working on the new site over the next few months.

You do not need a log-on just yet - that is coming!!


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