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NERG News Archives

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Remember there are DXpedition and COntest lists in every edition.

Please contact the NERG NEWS editor for updates and corrections to articles before re-publishing.

April 2020Special report: New Ellecraft K5 Trasceiver announced;   Operating at Radio Australia; General news, contests DXPeditions etc.
March 20202M Yagi for Field Day - Paul VK3DIP; General news, contests DXPeditions etc.
February 2020Baofeng UV9R Dual Band Hand Held - Paul VK3DIP;  General news, contests DXPeditions etc.
December  2019Advanced Mobile Location Service David VK3UQ, General news, contests DXPeditions etc.
November  2019Yet another VNA review (Part 3) Paul VK3DIP; General news, contests DXPeditions etc.
October  2019Yet another VNA review (Part 2) Paul VK3DIP;  Spit Roast Dinner; General news, contests DXPeditions etc.
September 2019Yet another VNA review (Part 1) Paul VK3DIP;  Building the CRKits HT-1A 5W QRP Transceiver - Tony VK3TP; General news, contests DXPeditions etc.
August  2019General news, contests DXPeditions etc.
July  2019General news, contests DXPeditions etc.
June  2019Construction Day Rotator repair report
May  2019General news, contests DXPeditions etc.
April  2019Field Day report from Paul VK3DIP
March  2019More JMMFD  Plans and all the usual Contest and DXpedition Notes
February 2019JMMFD  Plans and Some FT8 operating notes.
December 2018Whats on over Christmas?
November 2018Report on the October Construction day; Raising Towers and New Licencees
October 2018RD Contest results and How to be a "LID"
September 2018“MORTTY” - CW and FSK RTTY Keying
August 2018One way to make PCBs
July 2018Network Line Technology
June 2018Visit to Bletchly park, VK3KE shack clear out
May 2018JMMFD Results, Gippsland parks Activation
April 2018JMMFD Report, Jilpanger Nature Conservation Reserve WWFF Activation
March 2018JMMFD planning
February 2018Mt Hotham SOTA and Alpine National Park VKFF Activation, Antenna parties @ VK3CAB's and VK3AKC's
December 2017Christmas Party details, operating SOTA  on Mount Arapiles
November 2017An Op-Amp Field Strength Meter,  2017 RSGB UK National  Hamfest
October 2017Tower Moving, SDR radios.
September 2017More on a Linked Inverted V Dipole
August 2017A 4nec2 Model for a Linked Inverted V Dipole
July 2017Report on Australian Fox hunt Championshhips, General News
June 2017Learning CW, NERGs place in competitions
May 2017Portable antennas - 40M Vertical
April 2017Re-introduction of Morse Code for HF Licences,  Linked dipole for 15M, 20M and 40M
March 2017LNA Sequencer, Magnetic loops, Report on Coffee shop WIA candidates meeting.
February 2017Masthead Diplexer and LNA pre-amp for 2M & 70cM
December SpecialWIA News and RTTY Contesting invitation
December  2016General news - DXpeditions and Contests details of Christmas Party
November 2016General news - Notice of Foundation Training
October 2016 An Accurate Digital SWR & Power Meter
September 20161296 Skew Planar Omnidirectional Antenna
August 2016 Rebuilding and improving old CB SWR Meters, Tale of Three 49ers - lessons in homebrew
July 2016 Stop Windows 10, DX Alerting
June 2016 Normal issue - Contest & DX news etc
Mayl 2016 Simple Normal issue - Contest & DX news etc
April 2016 EFHW for QRP Portable HF Antenna; Report on the JMMFD
March 2016 Portable transverter and CAT interface for YAESU FT8X7 Rigs; Using the NERG Remote
February 2016 RTTY Pt 2; Mini VSWR for QRP or portable
2015 Contents
December 2015RTTY; Christmas function
November 2015Club Discounts;  NERG antenna; Melbourne Uni Space project
October 2015More Tony is back; NERGs at the Region 3 ARDF Championships
September 2015AGM Outcomes, just a bit of news
August 2015VK3CNE Station plans,  Setting up for the RD Contest usimg VKCL, VoiceKeyer and a script.
July 2015Australian Fox Hunt Champs report;  DXPeditions and Contest
June 2015 Tony is Back!!  Vic Foxhhunt Champs report
May 2015 Dual band 2m 70cm Antenna; DX news and Contest news
April 2015 New callsigns on the air, Advanced course announced, DX news and Contest news
Feb-Mar 2015 Sorry, No NERG News these months
2014  Contents
November 2014 2M J-pole from 300 ohm ribbon, Simple co-ax dipole for 2M
October 2014 New mast installed at the hall, Talk from David Kerr
September 2014 NERGs at World ARDF Kazakstan, Upcoming Hamfests, NEVARC, All-band portable HF vertical
August 2014 A foldup J-pole for 2-metres, news and events
July 2014 DX awards all around, Vacuum Channel Transistors
May/June 2014 Cool Valves; Mt Gambier fox hunting 2014; YagiCAD and Antenna Noise Temperature
April 2014 VK5 National Parks & World Wide Flora and Fauna Awards, NERG's QSL bureau, Lightening strick damage to rotator controller, Drop test for flat batteries.
March 2014 Radio QRV Amateur Radio Promo Video, Tracking Space Junk, QSL card printer, Log4OM logging program, Drop test for flat batteries.
February 2014 More on WIA awards scheme; 2300Mhz band reallocation; Links to radio invention podcast and Channel 7 Transmitter tour videos.
2013  Contents
 December 2013 Melbourne Analog TV switch off , DAB coverage improvements, Audiosonic DAB radio review
 November 2013 Various contest notices
October 2013 news and upcoming events
September 2013 AGM summary, news and upcoming events
August 2013 Show'n'Tell summary; AVR-Transistortester notes(VK3DIP); News
May-July 2013 Meeting reports: Spread spectrum, Restoring the Marconi Mark VIII Colour TV camera; News
April 2013 Panadaptors, John Moyle Field Day report, News
March 2013 Getting best performance from W3NQN band pass filters, Illegal Mobile Phone Repeaters, News
February 2013 EMR Audits, JMFD, Striped Capacitors (non-polarised), Adhesive copper tape.
2012  Contents
 December 2012 Notes from the November SDR Talk,  Christmas BBQ, Kynton Hamfest, Ross Hull and Summer Field Day
 November 2012 Notes from the October microwave talk, VK3RMH goes QRT, NERG construction projects - Bandpass filters & 6:2 antenna switch.
 October 2012 Radio displays at Bandiana ARMY museum, 10GHz mobile records, news.
 September 2012 Radio display at the Puckupunyal Tank Museum, Life Membership for John VK3XD, Mystery Photo, Local news
 August 2012 AGM, Morse code footprints in the Mars dust, Windows XP speedup, news
 July 2012 Litium Polymer Batteries for Amateur Radio, news
 June 2012 No newsletter
 May 2012 73 magazine now online, news
 April 2012 No newsletter
 March 2012 News, Hybrid PA module repairs, VK3JNH featured in Radcom, ARVic repeater update
 February 2012 News, VK3VT receives Australia Day Volunteer Award, Chirp and Whisper Beacons, Portable Loop Antennas, Rex's 10GHz record interview
2011  Contents
 December 2011 UTC & GMT time standards, repairing ceramic reasonators in the ICOM IC-621F, vintage amateur promo film, local news.
 November 2011 News, Booting up an updated Windows XP PC, A dual band vertical open sleeve antenna for 10m & 6m,
 October 2011 News, Digital ATV QSO party, New developers for Ham Radio Deluxe, Heathkit kits return.
 Sept 2001 No newsletter published for September
 August 2011 News, AGM Announcement, ARISSAT-1 report, R3 ARDF Champs
 July 2011 News and activities
 June 2011 No newsletter published for June
 May 2011 News and activities
 April 2011 John Moyle field day reports and News
 March 2011 News
 February 2011 News, S-meter Inaccuracies
2010  Contents
 December 2010 Multi-band trapped dipole antenna special edition
 November 2010 Building and using the K1EL WinKeyer-USB for CW, 2 Metre FM frequency list, Electrophone mystery object, ACMA news on 700MHz band changes, Waether Balloon Interference, and a Quiet Radio Zone for the SKA.
 October 2010 Brief news and activities
 September 2010 News and activities
 August 2010 A trip to Gippstech, upcoming activities and news.
 July 2010 Number Stations, Mt Gambier convention report, events calendar.
 June 2010 Coax Cables for VHF & UHF, events calendar.
 May 2010 Parachute Mobile, John Moyle results, VK3JMB gets his 300th DXCC country, Events calendar.
 April 2010 Report on the JMFD, YagiCAD update and Corner Reflector antenna design, 2m foxhunt report, upcoming Contests and ARDF events calendar.
 March 2010 Anderson, Merit and DIN 12V power plugs,VKCL logging software update, Hamfest reports, Event Calendar.
 February 2010 DAB+ up and running, A month of Hamfests, upcoming activities and news
2009  Contents
 December '09 /January'10  Airways Museum Open Day, New YAGICAD 6 Antenna Designer released, upcoming activities and news
 November 2009 Upcoming activities and news
 October 2009 Troublesome Electrolytic Capacitors, New road rules on use of mobile phones and Visual display units, news & calendar
 September 2009 Record Sunspot-less period, news & calendar
 August 2009 Making Printed Circuit Boards at Home, A Fuzzy history of the NERG,  news & calendar
 July 2009 Converting a 3-way splitter to an (SWR) Return Loss Bridge, 2009 Victorian Hidden Transmitter Fox-hunt Championship report.
 June 2009 PC software and audio interfaces for Digital Modes made easy, DAB+ Digital Broadcasting now on air in Melbourne, VK3RTV conducts DVB-T Digital ATV trials, Monthly 2m SSB scrambles in VK3.
 May 2009 60 channels for UHF CB, JMFD results, news & calendar.
 April 2009 Report on the NERG's John Moyle Field Day weekend, news & calendar.
 March 2009 News & calendar.
 February 2009 Resistor colour code rhymes, Bushfire kit, Using VFD tubes in radios, news & calendar.News and activities
2008  Contents
 December 2008 Out with Analog TV - in with Digital, VHF EPRIB beacon system closes, Bridge-T attenuator, Antenna Archives revisited - Trapped dipoles and alternative traps, 2009 hamfest and contest dates.
 November 2008 VK3RTV goes Digital, Fuse Ratings and Speeds, Zero-ohm resistors,  Power versus Frequency.
 October 2008 Dayligh savings chaos, events list.
 September 2008 NERG AGM results, The VK3RHF multi-band multi-site repeater, ARDF news, events list.
 August 2008 VK3RGL goes 91.5Hz, events list.
 July 2008 NERG Christmas in June report, Marg Baxter awarded life membership, repeaters heard from club rooms.
 June  2008 The Retro-Turbo Encabulator, Bright lights, Repeater directory update.
 May 2008 New FM and D-star repeaters from BARG; ACMA reviews and 5 year plans for 70cm and 6m; Power line time and frequency accuracy.
 April 2008 A simple Quad Turnstile Antenna for 6 metres; Sunpot cycle 23 not finished yet; Morse tutor program; April Fools Day news - autopilot hyjacks plane, solar maxima rescheduled.
 March 2008 Participating in the John Moyle Field Day contest, Recommended IRLP/Echolink frequencies for Australia, VK5ZAI receives NASA award for ARISS services.  Featured WEB sites: TWiAR & WBCQ.
 February 2008 Revised amateur conditions released by ACMA, 2008 Australian Amateur Events and Contest Calendar, GPS receives Traffic Alerts, Featured WEB site: Installing Mobile Radios.
2007  Contents
 December 2007 NERG Quiz, LENA revealed, Inside a DVB-T set top box, NERG as it was a decade ago, Latest YagiCAD 5.2 Yagi antenna design tool has genetic optimisation, Digital VHF-UHF VSWR/POWER meter reviewed, A simple Antenna Tuner, other news, contests, and events.
 November 2007 VK3RWM D-STAR repeaters on air, other news and events.
 October 2007 A simple 2 Meter Antenna built from 50 ohm coax, Solar power and hot water notes from September meeting, The new WIA D-Star bandplan, Amateur D-Star standard uses proprietary voice codec, Emergency equipment check list.
 September 2007 Photos from NERG christmas in July and RD contest.  Featured Web site: Jacks videos on YouTube including WIA history of QSL cards, other news and events.
 August 2007 A rollup dual band J-Pole antenna for 2m & 70cm, Worlds tallest antenna tower for Tokyo, Coax cable designators, telecom cable thefts, optical nano-tech, other news and events.
 July 2007 Contesting in Australia, VK5VF beacons relocating, , other news and events.
 June 2007 Cockatoos damage VK3CNE packet system antenna, Handheld secrets, VK3RMU changes frequency, Commercial Digital Radio trials, other news and events.
 May 2007 The K0S 'Strange' Antenna challenge,  Scarborough reef DXpedition, other news and events.
 April 2007 Photos of the VK3CNE John Moyle Field Day contest station, VK3RMH 6 meter beacon back on air, April Fools Day news.
 March 2007 Photos from the NERG gliding day, John Moyle Field Day contest plans and how to get to Mount Macedon, Squeezing a PDP-8 computer into a Xilinx FPGA,  2007 ARDF/Foxhunting calendar.
 February 2007 Morning tea group,  Hamfests galore!,  Will Solar Sunspot Cycle 24 be the big one?,  Shocking ways to check if the power is turned on,  Identify that mystery plastic,  2007 ARDF/foxhunt calendar.
2006  Contents
 December 2006 Photos from the Manna Gum Festival.,  Geocaching,  Simple LM567 CTCSS encoder,  Strain insulator danger, End of Seaphone in VK,  Barbequing sausages in less than 5 seconds.
 November 2006 Broadcasting, S-O-S, & 500kHz celebrate 100 year history; music video for hams; BPL trial in Mount Beauty strikes trouble.
 October 2006 VK3 APRS changes frequency, call in to NERG's NET, Spitnik 1's 49th birthday, Voyager still discovering space, Battery recall, VK short listed for Square Kilometer Array radiotelescope
 September 2006 News and Photos from the NERG christmas in September dinner and the Rememberance Day contest.  Updates for VK3RMN, VK3RMU & VK3RPU repeaters.
 August 2006 Summary of Jack's favourite video editing packages, UWB and under-16's ACMA regulations changes, Lead-free solder, RD contest, International Light House weekend, Aint got no Rythm!, VK3 AML silent key,
 July 2006 Jaycar supports NERG with equipment for training amateurs, 91.5 Hz CTCSS tone for theAWA RT85, Recognising BPL interference, Web of the month: PropWiz propagation tool & Online circuit libraries.
 June 2006 Donations and assistance greatfully received from Benelec, Bristols Paints and Rockby Electronics,
Foundation class news, Miniature Soviet Valve, Circuit-Doku - a Sudoku style puzzle.
 May 2006 Report on the MAD bike ride,  New Optical Communications distance record,  analysis of the NERG John Moyle scores, Web of the Month - amateur software & a foxhunt simulator,   ARISS featured on the ABC science show.
 April 2006 Report on the John Moyle Field Day,  ARISS contact with ISS a great success,  Australian TV manufacturer closes factory,   Hams interfere with own satellites,  Radio tower disappears from Melbourne skyline, Famous Mexican Midnight Soup recipe
Mind Control (it was the April issue...),   Broadband over sewer pipes.
 March 2006 WICEN at the 2006 Pajero Challenge,  SuitSat expires,  ARISS contact,  ARDF Porcupine Ridge RadiO report,  John Moyle Field Day for beginners,   BGP - Broadband over Gas Pipe?,  Foundation use of linked repeaters and IRLP,   IRLP links visible on Google Earth,   Avoiding Phishy scams.
 February 2006  Foundation Weekend successes, SuitSat-1 overboard, Generator warning, Western Union Telegrams Stop, WICEN at the Kinglake bushfires.


 December 2005 Frequency Table for new licence classes, Simple Directional Coupler to build, web sites for DX'er.

November 2005

New Australian Amateur Licence structure, Manna Gum Festival,  Eureka 147 Digital Radio announcement, NERG Open Day report, A BPL poem,  Podcasting,  Web sites i-Flea, Google Earth,  Balloon plans deflated.

October 2005

Open Day, New Regs start this month, Balloon found!, Amazing Rain Sensor, VI5PN success, 3KE breaks 300 DXCC countries, VK3 ARDF starts at Japan, Isn't BPL dead yet?, A mini-what?, 40-years ago - the AM/SSB debate.

Sept 2005  QRP in the Snow, Slow QSL card, Open Day coming soom, Component suppliers on the Internet.
August 2005  New versions of RD Contest kit and YagiCAD for windows available, RD contest rules, BPL submissions available, fox-oring reports.

July 2005

BPL letters of support, New Rules for RD contest, 6 meters under threat from Digital Audio Broadcasts, Photos from Mt. Gambier Convention and Tx Hunts.

June 2005

Balloon launch success, Digital Voice modes for HF, HamSat OSCAR52 in orbit.

May 2005

CTCSS tone standards; CTCSS for the Philips FM900 & AWA RT85; Macedon Pines ARDF event report;

April 2005

John Moyle Field day: Tiny time standard; Lithium Batteries.

March 2005

433 MHz medical transmitters threaten 70cm; Beacons & propagation web sites; ISS on IRLP & Echolink; Contest Announcements: IOTA VI5PN St Peter Island, 1st IRLP contest, 80/160m VK/TransTasman, CQ repeater;

February 2005

2005 ARDF calendar; Field Day checklist; WICEN exercises.



December 2004

VTAC report - changes to VK3 repeater access; VK3RMH repairs; LIPD door locks; Weather web sites; More on BPL; November ARDF event report.

November 2004

The NERG - 21 years ago; ARDF and micro-RadiO news;

October 2004

 A warning on cheap battery chargers; more on BPL; 

September 2004

 Care and feeding of the Yuasa VRLA batteries (Gel,  SLA, or Valve Regulated Lead-Acid batteries);  Local council restricts use of Satellite Dishes;  

August 2004

The new Amateur Radio Victoria; Silent Key Dr John D Kraus radio astronomer and antenna handbook guru W8JK; Amsat-OSCAR 51 (“Echo" AO51 ) ready for launch;  RF-ID tags track your every move; 

July 2004

Report from the 2004 Mt Gambier convention and foxhunt championships; THE PAOMNNEHAL PWEOR

June 2004

The new entry level Foundation license for amateur radio; Federal and state WIA division merge into one national WIA; NERG packet node VK3CNE now on air; ARDF news and reports; Dave's favorite radio software; Incentives needed to reduce Hi-tech Trash;  The Cold, Balls and Brass Monkeys; 

May 2004

Why use Packet Radio?; NERG IRLP has new Internet host; The @ character added to the Morse Code;

April 2004

Low Power Precision Frequency Beacons investigate propagation on HF; New regulations of satellite dishes; Dangers of DHMO contamination;

March 2004

Working the John Moyle Field Day contest; Setting up the NERG packet node; Identifying UV resistant ropes; CTCSS to reduce 70cm repeater interference from LIPDs.

February 2004

DAB digital audio broadcast trials start in Melbourne; Batteries and concrete floors;



December 2003

 Region 3 ARDF championships held in Ballarat a great success; 

November 2003

 ACA reviews amateur licensing; Echolink joins IRLP on VK3RMH repeater; Ultra Wide Band (UWB) - a new wireless mode; Tiny Cameras; Will the real BNC stand up? JOTA 2003 report; 

October 2003

Steam Cooled Vacuum Tubes, ARDF championships & news, Powerlines Communications (PLC)  discussion paper from ACMA.

September 2003

AR at the Great Australian Science Show, Aircraft Maintenance reports, TV and Radio broadcasting in New York two years after 9/11, ACMA to review the Amateur Service.

August 2003

Report on ARDF at Toorourrong Reservoir, The Australian Amateur Travellers' Net , The Father of the Superhet and FM radio, Microwaves and Hot Water.

July 2003

Managerium - The heaviest element known to science.

June 2003

 ACA mandates new EMR limits for radio amateurs, Errata - Local Antenna Height Regulations.

May 2003

 LIPD interference to VK3RMH, Illegal High Power Cordless Phones cause widespread  interference, The myth about Mobile Phones and exploding Petrol Stations,  30th aniversary of the mobile phone, North East Victorian bushfires finally over and AR involvement.

April 2003

 State of Art Antennas - the bent coat hanger, Finishing Aluminium, Handy Frequency to Wavelength conversion chart, Reoprt on NERGS 2003 John Moyle Field Day.

March 2003

 Local Ham told to remove tower,  JMFD Field Day Checklist, WICEN at the OXFAM Trailwalker, LIPDs on 70cm, Working the JMFD, Are you radio ready?, More on Is It Legal to Talk’n’Drive?,  Fix temperature sensitive FM828 squelch problems, 

February 2003

 NE Vic Bushfire amateur radio activities, Is It Legal to Talk’n’Drive?, 



December 2002

Report on 2002 Jamboree on the air, A simple Dual Band 2 m 5/8 + 6 m 1/4 Wave Antenna, Sunspots - How long can the peak last?, How would you like your Volts? - 240V mains in Australia.

November 2002

Christmas Hills ARDF Report, Calculating hole or pipe diameter for muliple coax cables, New 4 digit IRLP numbers, news and coming events.

October 2002

AWA RT85A power control,  Intruder watch, Radio receiver designed automatically by genetic algorithms, NERG packet and beacon updates.

September 2002

New NERG Packet BBS VK3CNE, RT85 scanning hints, Reports on GASS exhibition and RD contest, End of Eddystone, Nautical amateur beacon, Fluke multimeter safety notice, USAF adopts HF email system,

August 2002

Simple 5/8 antenna for 70cm, VNG not dead yet, Dave's DX report, 

July 2002

PIC based CTCSS tone generator for transceivers, AO-7 satellite lives again!, Packet radio revealed, Powerline communications fact sheet, DTMF keypads for IRLP, radio repair and mods web site, GippsTech report.

June 2002

EMR compliance starts in July, news.

May 2002

Simple UHF antennas (part 2), VK3RMH 10m Beacon heard in Italy, vehicle radar given LIPD rights on amateur 3cm band (76GHz), VK/Trans Tasman contest rules.

April 2002

A Packet Radio Test Tool, Simple UHF antennas (part 1), Radio on Rails event, news.

March 2002

 Planning for the John Moyle field day, news.

February 2002

 IRLP now on VK3RMH, IRLP users guide, VK3RMH 70cm overhaul, December & January 2m foxhunt reports, New digital mode WSJT,10m pollution.



December 2001

2001 LEONIDS Meteor Storm, South Foreland Lighthouse, Centenary of the first Transatlantic transmission, AMSAT chief to visit Melbourne, Testing the performance of the NERG dummy load projects.

November 2001

 NERG moves to Briar Hill Community Hall, A CW practice Oscillator, report on JOTA 2001, IRLP trials on VK3RMH, Emergency 1144x numbers end.

October 2001

DX with a handheld 2m box, 2m coax-only portable vertical antenna, Dave's DX notes.

September 2001

 AGM report, Light House Weekend report, Avian beacons, Mobile Phone boosters banned.

August 2001

 Just news and upcoming events...

July 2001

 VK/Trans-Tasman results, High power cordless phone cause interference on 2m band, Guide to IRLP on Geelong repeater, 10m fishing beacons.

June 2001


May 2001


April 2001


March 2001




December 2000

Electro Magnetic Radiation Standards soon to apply to Amateur stations, Iridium still up in the air, My antennas got a bigger "MARINE" than yours!, More Astronomical Net Questions of the Week, Dissimilar Metal Corrosion, with Galvanic Corrosion Table, Big Silicon Chip Plant Opens in Melbourne

October 2000


August 2000




December 1999

 Warnings for the year 2000 bug; A mains-power SLA battery charger project; A simple bow-tie antenna for UHF TV reception;

1983 - 1999


   16 years of newsletters with many subjects.  Unfortunately only available only in paper form.
1983 Contents
First Issue First ever issue of NERG NEWS - The NERG started over 35 years ago, and to celebrate we've reproduced the first ever issue of NERG NEWS. See how much has changed in that time, and how much hasn't changed at all!
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