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John VK3BIZ's web links

Occasionally John has listed some web links that he has found interesting in NERG News. This page brings all these together. Thanks to John for undertaking this task and we hope you all enjoy them.

September 2004 collection:

http://www.educypedia.be/  -  This link leads to a really useful site called Educypedia.
Itís really a big list of links to subjects organised like an encyclopaedia. It covers many subjects with Electronics and Radio being particularly well covered. Be prepared to spend many hours here, starting with this page dedicated to everything to do with antennas: http://www.educypedia.be/electronics/antennatypes.htm

For Ham Micro-controller projects, see Johnís own pages at: http://members.optushome.com.au/vk3biz/micro.html

Also EI9GQ has a good amateur radio home-brew web page with lots of his projects at: http://homepage.tinet.ie/~ei9gq/homebrew.html

Phil Rice has published projects in Amateur Radio magazine and has a web site with various frequency and L-C meters, etc, at:

July 2004 collection:

http://www.circuitsage.com  -  This month we'll start with Circuit Sage, a wonderful resource for people interested in radio design.
It includes links to a wide variety of design software and includes many subjects:

∑ A/D design
∑ Band Gap circuit design
∑ Filter design
∑ Impedance Matching
∑ Inductor design
∑ LNA/PA Design
∑ PLL Design
∑ Transceiver Design
∑ Transmission Line design
∑ New Routines (a list of new additions to the site)

Each subject heading includes a listing of commercial and free software available on the web, as well as design articles, book references and other useful links. The site has a number of free design programs to run under MathCad. These are really intended for the professional engineer as the MathCad package costs several thousand Dollars in Australia and is unlikely to be accessible to the average hobbyist. There is a free MathCad file viewer available on the net. Never the less there are a lot of other free software design packages to check out.

Circuit Sage provides tools and links to all the information needed to design a complete digital radio like the tne above! 915-928 MHz ISM band. One piece of software that looked particularly interesting was the Arpeggio, full-wave EM simulator. Arpeggio is a Time-Domain full-wave EM simulator. It solves the Maxwell Equations in time domain and finds the desired frequency quantities via Fourier Transform. It is designed to calculate the electro magnetic distributions for arbitrarily shaped conductors and strip lines at different frequencies.

Circuit sage is definitely a site that you could spend weeks exploring, downloading software, and reading articles. It is really a bit hard to do justice to in this short article. There is a mailing list associated with the web site for discussions on analogue and digital RF circuits.

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