VK3RMH Back on the air!!

Yes the team have been busy!!  The 70cm repeater is up and running TX 438.325MHz and RX 433.325MHz both C4FM and analogue FM at the new site in Kangaroo Ground. There is no Internet access available just yet so no internet linking is available.  You will need a 91.5Hz CTCSS  tone on your analogue FM TX and if you don’t want to be bothered listening to the C4FM digital signals on the output then set your radio to 91.5Hz CTCSS tone on RX as well. The antenna currently in use is small and low and will be replaced in the next few weeks by a larger and higher array.

The 10M beacon is also up and running on 28.2565MHz.

The 6M repeater is also on the air 52.550MHz in, 53.550MHz out FM Voice, no access tone required. This is located in Kinglake.

The team aim to have the 6M and 23cm  beacons operational soon.